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Modern anthropology rediscovers the ancient teaching about time-spirits

On rhythmic qualitative structure of time

Emil Páleš


It is a well known but unexplained fact of anthropology, that the growth of culture is not continuous, but occurs in waves. Great personalities, geniuses in every branch of art and science do not appear solitary, but in whole constellations, in groups. Let us recall the masters of classic music: Mozart, Paganini, Beethoven have been contemporaries. Or the great constellation of renaissance painters: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Tizian etc.

The  wave-like character of culture obviously can not be explained by genetics: since the same talents would have to be already in possession of the forefathers of these masters as well as their descendants. That is why the majority of anthropologists looks for the causes of such outbursts of creativeness in the sociological environment of the given culture.

The influence of environment is but excluded in cases, when great achievments in the same field have been made simultaneously in two or more different places on earth without being in contact. The best known example of such parallel event is the axial epoch of Karl Jaspers: between 600-300 B. C. the greatest religious founders and philosophers appeared at the same time in China, India, Persia, Israel and Greece: Lao´c, Kchung-fu´c, Buddha, Jina, Zoroaster, Jeremiah, Daniel, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle etc. They did not know about one another and yet taught the same main ideas! Since 150 years no scientist has been in grade to propose a plausible hypothesis, how this is possible.

A four-year research project of the Sophia foundation has been dedicated to the research of parallel and rhytmic phenomena in history. We found out, that since the stone age until now there can be ascertained dozens of such parallel phenomena or synchronicities in the history of art-styles, social forms or thought-movements, which can in no way be explained within the materialistic paradigm of science. Moreover, these synchronic waves of heightened creativeness in different fields of culture recur within certain rhythms and constitute a system.

The biggest surprise is, that this system, which can be ascertained empirically from history, has been already exactly known since millenia: it is based on 354 and 72-years rhythms, which have been known to the medieval as well as antique Europe and goes back as far as to the babylonian calendar used since the very beginning of history. A forgotten manuscript by an abbot, Johannes Trithemius, from 1508 speaks about seven archangels, who alternate every 354 years as spirits of time. Every 354 years one of them inspires the spiritual atmosphere of the world.

Indeed, the occurence of the greatest physicians in history (like Hippokrates, Galenos, Avicenna, Charaka, Vagbhata etc.) falls togehter with the times of archangel Raphael, who was the traditional inspirer of medicine. The times of greatest achievement in mathematics fall into the time of archangel Zachariel, who according to tradition revealed arithmetics already to Abraham. The greatest world poets and musicians came under the patronage of Anael, the intelligence of Venus; and the greatest philospohers have been inspired by Michael, the archangel of clear thinking. Historians flourish in the Oriphiel-age and comics in the Gabriel-age – exactly as it schould be expected according to their mythical attributes.

There have been attempts for falsification of this dicovery. The opponents proposed – so as to avoid subjective selection of historical data - to compare it to some independent studies, which have been done several decades ago. Extensive studies on cultural dynamics have been done by two renowened scientists: american antropologist Kroeber and russian sociologist Sorokin. The curves of cultural growth given by them strongly confirmed our own results.

If we consider, that the discussed rhythm has been known already to the sumerian priesthood at the very beginning of history, sooner than all these historical events took place – this knowledge about the rhythmic structure of time has not only a value of an supplementary ad hoc speculation, but the value of a prediction, which could be now – after 5000 years of history – verified!

The fact, that biggest cultural waves in history have been predicted, does not need to contradict human freedom, if we accept, that human spirits plan their incarnations in cooperation with great cosmic intelligences, who are inspiring whole cultural epochs, and that is why there is not a chaos but a system in history. Inevitable consequence of this is, that human being is not only a result of two factors – genetics and environment – but of three: genetics, environment and the spirit-self, which chooses its parents and environment, where it is going to be born. This is a serious and fundamental challenge to all contemporary scientific concepts of human being, of anthropology, sociology, psychology, biology and all materialistic science. What is their answer?