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Sophia, Foundation for Application of Spiritual Values in Life


Sophia is a movement and non-profit organization initiated in 1993 by Dr. Emil Páleš. It is dedicated to the goal to strenghten the moral individuality of man and work towards a spiritual revival of society by means of integral education and self-education. Our pivotal conviction is that a free and responsible personality arises only from an endeavour for integral knowledge and life practice overcoming every one-sidedness. Sophiology is an effort to synthesize different branches (of science, arts and religion) as well as sources of knowledge (experience, reason and revelation). We are not bound by authority of any religious, political or scientific current, but cultivate creativity and self-standing ability to discern truth.

A number of scientific, artistic and practical impulses arose and are being developed within the framework of Sophia foundation. A number of individuals and organizations in Slovakia, Czech republic and other countries are contributing and at the same time drawing from her inspirations.