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Architecture, human body and cultural epochs. Justification of organic architecture (in Slovak and Hungarian)

Makovecz Centre and Archives, Budapest, September 30, 2023

              According to Vitruvius, architectural styles spring from proportions of human body. This idea has a much deeper meaning than previously thought. Every mental process relies on a certain subsystem of bodily organs. And architecture of each epoch is derived from the shape of those organs of human body which are associated with the mental processes prevalent in that epoch.

Angelology of history. Ancient teaching about angels in the light of modern science (in Slovak and Hungarian)

Makovecz Centre and Archives, Budapest, September 29, 2023

An­dreas Bjørn­dal

Seven Archangels, rhythms of in­spi­ra­tion in the his­tory of cul­ture and na­ture by Dr. Emil Páleš PhD

The Magic Happens Magazine, December 1st, 2019

A few times in my life I have encountered a book that becomes a gem and treasure like a piece of art. One such book was recently given to me: Seven Archangels, rhythms of inspiration in the history of culture and nature

Seven archangels

Seven archangels



Emil Páleš



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Reflex 1

TV Markíza, 31. mája 2010


Angelology as an integration of psychology, history and biology

Emil Páleš
1st Integral European Conference
Budapest, 8 -11 May 2014

Ancient wisdom has bequeathed to us knowledge about man and the world condensed into images of angels and deities. Angelology contains real knowledge about developmental psychology, personality typology, the history of culture and the evolution of nature. Demonology contains knowledge about personality disorders, psychosomatic causes of ailments, pathological social phenomena and the extinction of species in nature.

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Sophiology as an Example of Integral Science and Education

Emil Páleš
(Spirituality Studies No. 1, Vol. 1, Spring 2015)


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Chronopsychology of History as an Example of Slavic Sophiology

 A syllabus for the California Institute of Integral Studies

Instructor: Emil Páleš

Description of Course Content:

The course is based on the results of my original research in the past 25 years.

I will briefly introduce sophiology as an effort to integrate revelation, reason and sensory experience. Then take the ancient teaching on angels as spirits of time as an example.

Seven gods/archangels/archetypes of planets have been believed to act as creative intelligences inspiring human biography, cultural history and natural history by many ancient people. We will compare these beliefs to the knowledge of contemporary science: developmental psychology, cultural anthropology and evolutionary biology. We will find out that the Chaldean sequence of planets best approximates the course of human history. The oldest philosophy of history is the most scientific one, because it enables statistically verifiable predictions.

The same sequence of archetypes coincides with the phases of human biography as known in developmental psychology. And again the same archetypes can be find in the biological evolution of plants and animals. Here they can clarify certain phenomena which darwinism can not account for (synchronous convergences, fractal structure of human body).

500-Year Periodicity in the History of Ancient Egypt and China.

 Androgens at Work?

Emil Páleš & Miroslav Mikulecký
(Neuroendocrinology letters Vol. 29, No. 4, August 2008, pp. 589-597.)

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