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Seven classes


• Archangel of birth. Guardian angels • Lunar goddesses. The Fates • Soul silver. Mirroring • Etheric ebb and flow. Moon in nature • Molluscs. Cambrian explosion of life • Child psychology. Hysterical personality • Pearl as archetype of the Baroque. Effeminate fashion • History of painting in the light of spiritual meteorology. Naturalism. Impressionism • Haiku, descriptive poetry • Thalia, muse of comedy • Novelists. The sphere of destiny • History of materialism and skepticism. Empisirm, nominalism, atomism • Scientific revolution • Religion of the crescent. Arabs. Jewry • Matriarchy. Etruscans. Lydians • Hedonism. Maenads • Dreams and the right hemisphere of the brain • Invention of pictographic writing •



• Archangel of healing, messenger of gods • Agile soul type • Carboniferous world. Evolution of leaf and ribs • Carbon as element of life • Gothic style, lily-of-the-valley architecture • Neoclassicism. Rococo • Virginity, chastity, slenderness • School age • Education, book-printing, first universities • Rationalism. Enlightenment. Satire • Pilgrims and trade routes • The Chalcolithic. Towns and crafts • Phoenicia. Venice. Hanseatic league • Feathered serpents. Toltecs, Angkor • Zenith of the Egyptian culture • Rhythm. Wave theories • History of medicine • Botany. Vitalism • Lingusitics. Invention of alphabet •


• Archetype of love and beauty in nature and in history • Aesthetic psychological type. Puberty • Physiognomy of beauty. Venus organs • Colourfulness. Copper as element of the soul • Aromaticity. Nitrogen • Evolution of birds and flowers. Formation of vocal cords, feathers and wings • Warm-bloodedness and affectional bonds. Sexual metamorphosis • Sons and daughters of the Goddess. Compassionate saints • Queens, female scientists and philosophers • History of zoology and chemistry. Alchemists, sorceresses • History of music and dance • Erato, muse of poetry. Lyric poetry. Landscape art • Prehistoric Venus figurines • Calligraphy. Stained glass • Famous lovers. Suicides • Romanticism. Troubadours, courtly love • Gothic fashion. Hair • Nuptial mysticism, sufism, zen • Principalities, spirits of nations. Origin of nationalism. Heraldry • The curve of revolutions in history. Anarchism. Heresies • Peacock Angel, Prometheus, Lucifer • Separation of the sexes and the loss of immortality • Tuberculosis as a Venusian demon • Teotihuacan. Syria. Akkad • Sweetness of late antiquity •



• Archangel of the Sun • Spirits of form. Battle of light and darkness • Solar deities of antiquity. Solar heroes • Sun dynasties and cults. Lion kings • The spiritual essence of man • Adulthood • Jaspers' Axial Age. Origin of philosophy • Saints-sages. Discovery of logic • History of democracy. The first parliament • The Celts. Persians. Incas. Greeks • Archers and lancers. Alexander's conquests • Michael as the countenance of Christ • Menhir. Obelisk. Ionic column • Yggdrasil, the world tree • Paleozoic vertebrates. Formation of heart, stalk and backbone • Silver and golden system of values. Battle of materialism and idealism • Political left and right • Globalization. Postmodernism and the midday-demon • Gold background. The task of contemporary art • The legend of phoenix •


• Archangel of death. War gods • Iron-process in blood. Iron Age • Midlife crisis • The crisis of Europe, the plague • Antipopes, schisms • Technological discoveries • Iron kings, brave saints. Knighthood • Tango. Masculinization of fashion • Flamboyant gothic. Mars-plants • Expressionism and futurism in arts • Psychology of red colour. Antisocial personality disorder • Dictatorships. Radical egalitarian movements. Spartacus. Hussites. Communists • The Aztecs, Romans, Spartans, Assyrians, Vikings • Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Attila • Raids of nomads from asian steppes. Migrations of peoples • Ferocity. Carnivory • Cretaceous world. Last dinosaurs • Ekpyrosis, the universal conflagration • An exposition of the Apocalypse. The meaning of evil •



• Dominions, spirits of wisdom • Thunderer gods. The rise of Amun and Marduk • Tin process. The soul blue • Evolution of limbs and jaw. Sense of balance and space • Mature age of life. Lateral thinking • Just kings. Arthur, Charlemagne, Harun al-Rashid • Unification of Europe • Origin of Indoeuropeans. Domestication of the horse • Babylonian empire. The Maya • Maple and zacharielic architecture • Labyrinth, the house of the axe • Renaissance, a rebirth of Greece. Wide fashion • Square, polyhedron, the horizontal. Central symmetry and the renaissance ideal • Great sculptors • History of mathematics. The Pythagoreans • Chess • Advances in geography and the Age of exploration •



• Thrones, spirits of will • Antique Saturnus. Who is Uriel? • Old age, the winter of life • Soul lead. Melancholy • Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder • The geological age of Capricorn. Ossification • Monuments, megaliths, pyramids • Round shapes in architecture and clothing • Chiaroscuro in painting. Black colour • Stoic philosophy, determinism, mechanicism • The history of historiography • Urania, the muse of astronomy • Mechanics. Optics. Crystallography • The Roman spirit • Parallels between Rome and China. The Great Wall • Roman church, the Jesuits • Ascetic saints. Eremitic and monastic orders • Sombre kings • Conservative absolutisms, the rhythm of political centralization • America, the new Rome •