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Architecture, human body and cultural epochs. Justification of organic architecture (in Slovak and Hungarian)

Makovecz Centre and Archives, Budapest, September 30, 2023

              According to Vitruvius, architectural styles spring from proportions of human body. This idea has a much deeper meaning than previously thought. Every mental process relies on a certain subsystem of bodily organs. And architecture of each epoch is derived from the shape of those organs of human body which are associated with the mental processes prevalent in that epoch.

              For example, the rationalist Enlightenment created Neo-classicism, derived from the forms of the central nervous system. The consumerist-materialist Baroque recalls the organs of the digestive system. Conservative absolutism takes inspiration from the spherical shapes of bones. Skyscrapers grew up with democracy because they are an image of the backbone, which symbolizes free individuality. The Gothic church imitates the rib cage, and rosettes appear with the romanticism of courtly love, just as colour is associated with courtship and sexuality in nature.

              Organic architecture is not just any building resembling living shapes. Architects of all ages have unconsciously incorporated into their buildings precisely those structural elements from living nature which are associated with the mentality typical of their cultural epoch. In a deeper sense, therefore, all architecture is organic.

Angelology of history. Ancient teaching about angels in the light of modern science (in Slovak and Hungarian)

Makovecz Centre and Archives, Budapest, September 29, 2023

              Age-old tradition tells of seven archangels who inspire cultural epochs cyclically as spirits of time. In the light of contemporary psychology and history, it turnes out that this old belief was in some sense true. Instead of archangels, today we speak of shifting paradigms, cultural patterns or archetypes of the collective unconscious.

              Dr. Emil Pales has been researching waves of creativity in world history for thirty years. The myths of gods and angels are not pure fantasy they contain a figuratively expressed truth about the essential laws of life.

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TV Markíza, 31. mája 2010