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Angelology as an integration of psychology, history and biology

Emil Páleš
1st Integral European Conference
Budapest, 8 -11 May 2014

Ancient wisdom has bequeathed to us knowledge about man and the world condensed into images of angels and deities. Angelology contains real knowledge about developmental psychology, personality typology, the history of culture and the evolution of nature. Demonology contains knowledge about personality disorders, psychosomatic causes of ailments, pathological social phenomena and the extinction of species in nature.

The sages of antiquity attempted a great synthesis that would give human experience a unifying meaning. Through introspective observation of their own inner world they discovered universal, archetypal principles that mould the world. Man is a microcosm, the sum total of nature, and nature is man disassembled into individual aspects. The human being is the harmonious centre where all cosmic forces create an equilibrium. Personality types and cultural patterns arise through an emphasis on certain processes of the soul and shifts from the centre. Their unilateral escalation gives rise to personality disorders and pathological social phenomena. Since every soul-process corporealizes in some physiological process and group of organs, somatic types arise and classes of plants and animals, too. Anorganic nature, like planets and metals, also used to be classified according to soul analogies and were believed to be the manifestation or vehicle of spiritual forces.

A lot of ancient wisdom has proven to be true despite the fact that it results from a fairly different way of thinking and is unexpected for modern science. Angelology’s integral method permits the identification  of fundamental forces and laws of individual and collective psychology. Practical impulses for human happiness, health and golden ages of culture ensue from it.